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Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Rockwell Rumble

My Rumble Wrap Up. 

The Rockwell Rumble has not only become a premier wrestling tourney in Utah but in the West. Teams from Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, and of course Utah Travel to UVU to take part. The tournament brings in multiple time State Champs as well as Fargo and other Premier tournament winners and participants. If you want to test yourself against the best this is the tournament.
The Buckaroos have been going to this event since 2006 and it has grown better and better every year. The Rumble features 64 man brackets and places the top 8 wrestlers in each weight. It is a sight to see and experience watching 12 mats to start off with it is any wrestling fans dream.
In years past the Buckaroos have found it a daunting task to get to the placing rounds due to the fierce competition in every round. To place at the Rumble you have to compete every match.
Here are some of the past placers at the Rumble:
2014- Cole Eldredge and Austin Wilcox both came away with 5th
2013- Brandon Musselman placed 7th
2011- Coltan Musselman placed 8th
2008- Aaron Butler placed 4th
2007- Aaron Butler placed 4th
2006- Aaron Butler placed 4th
Wade Eldredge placed 5th
Krieg Adair placed 3rd
This year the Buckaroos placed 4 Wrestlers.
2015- Shandon Bradford 7th
Brandon Musselman 7th
Zac Musselman 5th
Cole Eldredge 5th
The highest the Team has ever placed was in 2006 coming away with 18th place this year the Buckaroos placed 24th which is the best they have done since 2006. A total of 71 teams were represented this year.
Freshman Brayson Wilcox made a run at the medal round winning a thrilling sudden victory only to come up short the next match and miss the medals by two wins. You can bet Wilcox will be even more hungry next year. With both Shandon and Zac returning next year as well as other very talented underclassman it will be exciting to see what the Buckaroos can do.

Speaking of the younger Buckaroos they competed in the JV Rumble this weekend. Don't let the JV in the title fool you. It is a tough tourney in its own right. Three Buckaroos came away with Medals but more important experience.

106 - Brandin Clark
120 - Tyler Draper placed 5th
132 - Spencer Squires
132 - Paul De Anda
138 - Clayton Westcott
145 - Thomas Anderson
145 - Justin Cecil
152 - Tacovi Warren
170 - Dustin Christensen placed 6th
195 - Seamis Barrell
285 - Parker Knudsen placed 3rd

As a Team they placed 16th out of 38.
Good Job Buckaroos!!

2015 All-Stars

Brandon Musselman (Senior), Brayson Wilcox (Freshman), 
Shandon Bradford (Sophomore), Cole Eldredge (Senior)
1A Utah All-star Team Results
The 1A comes away from tonight's All-Star Dual winning only 1 match out of the 14. Tough sledding for the 1A kids coming off a long break. 

106: David VanTassel (Duchesne) Coby Vandertoolen (Wildcard) won by decision over David VanTassell (1A) (Dec 8-3)

113: Brayson Wilcox (Monticello)
Drew Hansen (3A) won by decision over Brayson Wilcox (1A) (Dec 4-3)

120: Shandon Bradford (Monticello)
Kyson Levin (5A) won by fall over Shandon Bradford (1A) (Fall 3:18)

126: Brady Farnsworth (Altamont)
Josh Jensen (3A) won by major decision over Brady Farnsworth (1A) (MD 10-2)

132: Austin Trapp (Piute)
Jed Loveless (Wildcard) won by decision over Austin Trapp (1A) (Dec 8-3)

138: Zach Allen (Piute)
Lukas Erickson (Wildcard) won by major decision over Zach Allen (1A) (MD 14-4)

145: Brandon Musselman (Monticello)
Cameron Killian (4A) won by decision over Brandon Musselman (1A) (Dec 7-0)

152: Cole Eldredge (Monticello)
Johnny O`Hearon (4A) won by decision over Cole Eldredge (1A) (Dec 10-3)

160: Preston Stephenson (Wayne)
Spencer Heywood (4A) won by decision over Preston Stephenson (1A) (Dec 5-3)

170: Derrik Thompson (Altamont)
Dallin Brooks (Wildcard) won by decision over Derrik Thompson (1A) (Dec 6-0)

182: Riley Foy (Altamont)
Rylee Foy (1A) won by fall over Will Lang (5A) (Fall 2:27)

195: Cody Mitchell (Altamont)
Brandon Closson (5A) won by major decision over Cody Mitchell (1A) (MD 20-8)

220: Aaron Verduzco (Duchesne)
Wade French (Wildcard) won by fall over Aaron Verduzco (1A) (Fall 4:27)

285: Talon Gines (Altamont)
Brian Hoscheour (3A) won by fall over Talon Gines (1A) (Fall 2:19)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Buckaroos Claim 1A State Title

 Buckaroo Wrestlers claimed the 1A State Wrestling Title on Feb 15th. The Buckaroo's knocked of  defending champs Altamont. Beating them 205.0 to 180.5
 Lower Weights Outstanding Wrestler, Hunter Bowring (right) and Upper Weight Outstanding Wrestler, Cole Eldredge (left) stand with 1A Coach of the Year Kent Adair.

Academic Allstate Austin Wilcox (left) and Hunter Bowring (right)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Team Champions

1A Southern Divisional Team Scores

Team Scores
1. Monticello 270.5
2. Wayne 213.5
3. Panguitch 198.0
4. Piute 103.0
5. Bryce Valley 101.0
6. Milford 78.5
7. White Horse 67.5
8. Diamond Ranch 56.0
9. Escalante 23.0
10. Monument Valley 7.0

1A Southern Divisional 2014

106 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jade Holm of Milford
2nd Place - Kehl Bradbury of Wayne
3rd Place - Jonah Schoppe of Panguitch
4th Place - Brandin Clark of Monticello

113 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Tanner Jeffery of Wayne
2nd Place - Kellen Mooney of Panguitch
3rd Place - Andrew Baird of Monticello
4th Place - Quade Fautin of Piute
5th Place - Carson Brown of Panguitch
6th Place - Preston Robinson of Milford

120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Shandon Bradford of Monticello
2nd Place - Kolton Owens of Panguitch
3rd Place - Chance Weahkee of Monticello
4th Place - Jaden Ellett of Wayne
5th Place - Roman Platt of Bryce Valley
6th Place - Tomoki Nomura of Diamond Ranch

126 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Hunter Bowring of Monticello
2nd Place - Austin Trapp of Piute
3rd Place - Garrett Finch of Panguitch
4th Place - Ethan Lee of Wayne
5th Place - Paulando Dennison of White Horse
6th Place - Easton Kennedy of Piute

132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Zack Allen of Piute
2nd Place - Dailyn Warren of Monticello
3rd Place - McKayd Larose of Monticello
4th Place - Tom Hailstone of Panguitch
5th Place - Dylan Lansing of White Horse
6th Place - Riley Cook of Wayne

138 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Brandon Musselman of Monticello
2nd Place - Adam Platt of Bryce Valley
3rd Place - Larsen Perkins of Panguitch
4th Place - Sean Yazzie of White Horse
5th Place - Tanner Giles of Wayne
6th Place - Keaton Jensen of Piute

145 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Preston Stephenson of Wayne
2nd Place - Benton Erickson of Piute
3rd Place - Trace Torgerson of Escalante
4th Place - Tyler Bagy of Panguitch
5th Place - Bronson Payne of Milford
6th Place - Donnie Corwin of Panguitch

152 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Cole Eldredge of Monticello
2nd Place - Jayden Coburn of Piute
3rd Place - Max Smith of Panguitch
4th Place - Justin Hunt of Wayne
5th Place - Anthony Medina of Diamond Ranch
6th Place - Walker Smith of Escalante

160 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Ryan Lee of Wayne
2nd Place - Trenton Pearson of Milford
3rd Place - Curtis Baird of Monticello
4th Place - Levi Holm of Bryce Valley
5th Place - Sheldon Saltclah of White Horse
6th Place - MaKoy Dodds of Panguitch

170 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Eric Anderson of Monticello
2nd Place - Colter Wright of Milford
3rd Place - Hunter Owens of Panguitch
4th Place - Kelton Cropper of Wayne
5th Place - Carter Mortensen of Bryce Valley
6th Place - Shan Thompson of Bryce Valley

182 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Austin Wilcox of Monticello
2nd Place - Josh Rose of Bryce Valley
3rd Place - Chris Garen of Diamond Ranch
4th Place - Michael Keith of White Horse
5th Place - Tell Johnson of Bryce Valley

195 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - McCray Mangum of Bryce Valley
2nd Place - Jake Giles of Monticello
3rd Place - Tavae` Pei of Wayne
4th Place - Brandon Lansing of White Horse
5th Place - Calluri Clerio of Diamond Ranch
6th Place - Max Hyatt of Bryce Valley

220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Rowdy Josie of Panguitch
2nd Place - Isak Pei of Wayne
3rd Place - Edward Threie of Diamond Ranch
4th Place - Jose Santana of Monticello
5th Place - Trevan Holiday of Monument Valley
6th Place - Heitson Grandson of Monument Valley

285 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Parker Knudsen of Monticello
2nd Place - Logan Myers of Panguitch
3rd Place - Dean Matthews of Wayne